Thursday, March 29, 2007

I'm a "balance seeker"

Just came across this interesting post on one of my favourite gadget blogs, Engadget. It's about a study that seeks to categorise people according to the brand of cellphone they flaunt.

I'm supposed to be a family-minded, middle-aged manager, who seeks balance and is health-conscious! Hmm... I didn't know that about myself.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Guerilla marketing

Tomes have been written about marketing; and people have paid not-so-insignificant amounts to buy those. (Yes, I am guilty too.) But a couple of weekends ago, I was witness to some marketing that would surely impress Bond and Kirshenbaum.

We were at this popular market at Sarojini Nagar (that's in New Delhi), walking through seemingly unending displays of clothes and knick-knacks - most of which come at prices that deserve their own case-studies. So anyway, one of the trinket sellers shouts out: "Arre, yeh kahin aapka toh nahin gira?". As expected, all heads in the vicinity (including mine) turn towards him, then to the ground and then to him again. Then, boom! He delivers the salvo. "Arre, gira gira gira!! In sabka (pointing to his wares) bhaav gira!!" Whether or not people actually bought his stuff apart, the truth was that he managed to capture the attention of loads of 'prospective consumers'.

PS: I did contemplate translating the Hindi phrases into English. But then decided against it. Two reasons. One, I just couldn't get the correct flavour in English. Two, I reckon the few bloggers who do read my blog once in a while, do understand Hindi.