Thursday, December 28, 2006

Why o why?

Why do I need this another blog? Am I signing up for the 'I have more blogs than you do' race?
Not really. Just that I had intended my other blogs to be photoblogs, one a concert photography blog and the other a general photography one.
Over time, I realised that there were things that I wanted to write about. (Yes, I do get the urge to write sometimes :P) So I modified the 'brief' a bit and my concert photography blog will now be used for all music-related writing.
But what about the other stuff? Stuff like how I find it irritatingly amusing (or amusingly irritating) when I pick up two different dailies and find three not-so-different photocaptions: Skirting the issue. Yes, no kidding.

But naah, don't worry. This won't be (just) a crib-blog. I will just attempt to put down my thoughts (stop the wisecracks right there) on whatever comes to mind, here.
And the New Year is a good excuse too, no? :)


Anonymous said...

ahaan!! this should be VERY interesting!

Anonymous said...

and we should probably rename this "When, Oh When??":P

Anonymous said...

Wen do we c new posts here? Happy Blogging!