Friday, April 13, 2007

Treasure hunt

Sometimes, you stumble upon something really cool, when you are not looking for it. Serendipity, I think they call it. I have had a couple of such experiences. And both of them took place at PVR Saket, or more precisely where those booksellers sit right outside PVR Saket, with their stash of second-hand books.

I was rifling through one of the guys' collection of National Geographics and suddenly I see this particular one.

So what is special about this one, you ask? Direct your eyes towards the dateline, if you will please. That's right, just below the name. March 1957. That is March, Nineteen-Hundred-Fifty-Seven!! That makes it precisely 50 years old, give or take a few weeks. And what makes this find more precious is that it's in fantastic condition, especially when you consider the age. Not a single page is torn. Not a single picture is cut out.

That is one more thing I can add to my list of things that could possibly be put up on eBay ;)

And now, ladies and gentlemen, if you will please turn your attention towards Exhibit B. What appears to be just another Mickey Mouse collection with brown packing tape holding its spine together, is actually (I believe) yet another great find. I picked it up since it seemed to be old. And then I saw the original owner's signature and a date put down, on the inside cover. Mr Birla (that's the original owner) had scribbled a date from the year 1933. To be very honest, I thought that would be his birthdate or something. But then, a quick Google search later, I realised that this particular Mickey Mouse Annual does indeed date back to 1933!

And oh, I almost forgot to mention the prices I got them for. The National Geographic was for 30 bucks while the Mickey Mouse Annual was for 80. You don't think I bargained, do you?


Shilpa said...

:O :O wow!!!!

Reeta Skeeter said...

OOH! nice finds!
And then they must be surely hving the previous issues of Upper Crust as well!!! If u r a regular can u puhlease find out?

Hawa! said...

I just came across your profile as I was doing research for a masscomm class.

I have even older Nat'l Geo magazines. I got them from Half off Books in Berkeley, CA. They were also in mint condition, and I got them for about 3-4 dollars. I looove Nat'l Geo, so those are keepers!